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I am Melissa Goodstein, a collaborative attorney and mediator practicing exclusively within the area of divorce and family law, serving Westchester and Putnam counties and the surrounding New York metropolitan communities. Welcome to my site.

You likely have found this page because you are either considering divorce or are ready to start with all the “legalities” to end your marriage. This site contains a lot of the information you may be seeking to help you understand the somewhat complicated process of getting divorced.

I am here to be your personal advocate during this time of transition. My clients are ready to move on with their lives but want to end their current relationship with integrity and build the foundation to have a good relationship with their ex post divorce.

Please take your time to go through this site. I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule an initial consultation. Your new life is waiting, let me help you get there the right way…..

– Testimonial –

For our divorce, we sought to work with a mediator and were led by another attorney’s recommendation to Melissa Goodstein (in Katonah, NY). We had heard that Melissa was an esteemed attorney and her expertise, organizational skills and talents were evident upon meeting her. The information she provided and tone she set made our process smooth and collaborative. Melissa was accessible throughout our mediation and had wonderful attention to detail. We highly recommend her to others who are seeking a calm, capable and caring attorney and mediator.


– Testimonial –

I feel lucky to have found Melissa Goodstein to support both my ex-husband and I through an extremely difficult situation. I found her completely capable in managing the practicalities of the mediation as well as the overwhelming emotion in the room. Our mediation maybe took a little longer than is typical and, in the end, she expedited the situation by having both review attorneys in the room at the last meeting. I found this an excellent and resourceful way to handle a mediation that was at risk of getting stalled.

Additionally, I found that Melissa always had the interest of both of us in mind during every meeting. She is informative, supportive and tremendously skilled at what she does.

Living Together During Divorce

In these tough economic times, many couples must continue to live together while they are negotiating their divorce. Such living arrangements can be quite toxic for the entire household creating lasting harm for each member of the household for years or decades to come. In order to deescalate the level of conflict I recommend to all my clients to…Read more >>

Timing is Everything

It is better to begin divorce proceedings when there is a readiness by both spouses, it allows for a quicker and smoother process. Often in my practice I have an initial consultation with a client about divorce and then I do not hear from them for a few weeks, months or even years. Surprisingly this is not unusual! One of the first questions I like to ask in a consultation is… Read more >>

Is My Divorce Normal?

Clients often ask me if their divorce is normal. Is there such a thing as a “normal” divorce? Their settlement is as unique as their family. The process that they have chosen to resolve their conflict allows them to create a settlement that prioritizes the highest interests of their family and their family alone…Read more >>

What’s the Difference between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

Mediation involves a single neutral third party – a trained mediator – who facilitates the process. In collaborative divorce, each spouse retains an attorney trained in the collaborative divorce model… Read more >>

“I’m divorcing, what do I do first?” During an in-depth interview this question is addressed. We talk about the pros and cons of mediation, Collaborative Law and litigation. Click or tap this link to go to to listen to the podcast.


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Out-of-court Divorce + Respectful, Negotiated Settlement = Less Costly Divorce

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